Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Russia Morozov EBCS

Russia EBCS (Envelopes Bearing Commemorative Stamp)
Name: Philanthropists and Patrons of Art of Russia - Savva Morozov
Date of Issue: 05 December 2008

Savva Morozov (Russian: Са́вва Тимофе́евич Моро́зов, February 3, 1862–May 26, 1905) was a big financial boss, however he wasn't happy in his riches. He was interested in another life and another people - creative ones who were possessed by high aims.

When decision about organization of the Society for construction of People's theatre in Moscow was adopted, Savva Morozov was one of its Patrons.

The biggest donations to the Theatre building were made by Morozov and Stanislavsky (28 000 rubles). Morozov himself inspected construction of the Theatre, not trusting anyone. He refused his summer holiday, moved to the construction site and participated in all works.

The construction of a new building cost 300 000 rubles to Morozov. The total expenses of the Patron for the Arts Theatre were 500 000 rubles.

One of the greatest capitalists in the country, the councillor-manufacture, did not disdain any work in the Arts Theatre - be it a labor of a property-man, electrician, costumier or carpenter.

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