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Algeria Cities FDCs

Algeria FDCs
Name: Cities From Algeria
Date of Issue: 18 December 2008

Tébessa (تبسة)
The city of Tébessa is the chief-town of the department that carries the same name. Situated in the extreme east of Algeria, at 45kilometres from the Algerian Tunisian borders, it is elevated at 960 meters and its surface is estimated at 13326Km².This city is considered as handcraft home and constitutes an important commercial and agricultural centre. In addition, it contains a great number of mining and forest resources. Various vestiges of the Roman era still exist in Tébessa. An ancient Byzantine surrounding wall encircles the entire city and one of its four doors is a triumphal act. It is also the home town of Sheikh Larbi TEBESSI, a founder member of the Algerian Muslim Oulemas (erudite) Association.

15,00: Saïda (سعيدة)
The city of Saïda is situated in the west of Algeria. Nestled in 800 meters of elevation at the beginning of the high plateau, it is limited from the north by the departments of Oran and Mascara. From the south by the departments of El Bayadh and Naâma, on the west by Sidi Belabbes and in the east by Tiaret. It spreads out on a surface of 6631 Km² and shelters a dense and young population bordering 300,000 inhabitants. Considered as a strategic and industrial region, it is also a point of transit to the Sahara. Famous by its natural mineral water resource that is good for the digestion problems and cases of renal infections, it possesses several thermal stations with preventive and therapeutic character.

20,00: Miliana (مليانا)
Situated in the western South of Algiers on the northern reverse of the small atlas, at about 750 meters of elevation; the city is dominated by the majestic mountains of Zaccar. Built on a huge rock of travertine with steep outlines, it dominates in the vertical cast a ravine, in the south the valley of Chelif and on the west, a tray sprayed with water up to the chain of Ouarsenis. Miliana is characterized by a soft and moderate climate. Its gardens and orchards cultivated in footpaths are harmoniously spread out towards the plain. Beside its exceptional panoramas, the city of Miliana possesses various relics such Sidi Ahmed Benyoucef's Mosque, the former residence of Emir Abdelkader and the clock classified ancient memorial.

38,00: Biskra (بسكرة)
Biskra, or Vescera in the roman time, is situated in the south of Algeria. Known also by the name of "the city of two millions date trees", it constitutes the door of the big Algeria south. Occupying a surface of 2167 Km² it is characterised by a Saharan climate, warm in summer and pleasant in winter. The valley called Sidi Zarzour coming from the Aurès region crosses Biskra. On the summit of the big mountainous chains of El Kantara, the signs of desert appear; golden grains of sand, light blue sky and green oases all along the straight and tortuous way. The residents of Biskra, the Ziban' siren, are famous by their hospitality and warm reception. Conversely, Biskra is famous by its traditional craft and the quality of its delicious date.

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