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Russia Bridges FDC

Russia FDC
Architectural Structures - Bridges
Date of Issue: 28 November 2008

Zhivopisny Bridge, Moscow
Zhivopisny Bridge (Russian: Живописный Мост) is a cable-stayed bridge that spans Moskva River in north-western Moscow, Russia. It is the first cable-stayed bridge in Moscow. Opened on 27 December 2007 as a part of Krasnoprenensky avenue. It is also the highest cable-stayed bridge in Europe. More...

7.00: Bridge over the Volga, Kimry

8.00: Surgut Bridge, Surgut
The Surgut Bridge across the Ob River is a cable-stayed bridge, one of the longest in Siberia. The bridge is 2,110 meters (6,923 ft) long and has only one tower. Its central span of 408 meters (1,339 ft) is the longest for single-tower cable-stayed bridge. The bridge was inaugurated in September 2000. More...

9.00: The Big Obukhovsky Bridge, Saint Petersburg
The Big Obukhovsky Bridge (Russian: Большо́й Обу́ховский мост, Bolshoy Obukhovsky most) is the newest (not taking into account the Blagoveshchensky Bridge rebuilt in 2007) bridge across the Neva River in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is also the only bridge across the Neva which is not a drawbridge. More...

Comment: I like this design, you can find both the full view and distinctive part of these bridges on this set.

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