Sunday, October 28, 2007

Taiwan Orchids (III) FDC

Taiwan FDC
Name: Orchids of Taiwan (3rd Series)
Issue date: 2007 October 24th

1. Ascocentrum sp. (NT$7.00):
An aerial orchid with a monopodial growth habit. It has fleshy aerial roots for storing water and nutrients, as well as alternate leaves along erect stems. Its flowering stems produce a dense profusion of small and brightly colored flowers.

2. Arundina graminifolia (NT$9.00): A terrestrial orchid with a sympodial growth habit. Its stems are upright and multi-sectioned and often have persistent sheaths. Leaves are alternate, filiform, and resemble bamboo leaves. Its sepals and lateral petals are nearlywhite, and its purple lips are large and obvious. Its blooms resemble flying birds. Therefore, it is also called "the bird orchid".

3. Vanda teres (NT$15.00): An aerial orchid with a monopodial growth habit. Stems are slender, erect and round; leaves are alternate, fleshy, and round, with pointy tips. Hence, it is also called "pointy leaf vanda" in Chinese. Blooms are a pinkish white with a purple lip. The blossoms are first cylindrical and later open to a fan shape, resembling the skirts of dancers.

4. Epidendrum sp. (NT$20.00): An aerial orchid with a monopodial growth habit. Besides storing water and nutrients, its well-developed large aerial roots will climb up trees in search of light. Therefore, it is also called "clinging orchid" in Chinese. Stems are slender and erect; leaves are alternate, lanceolate and bright green. It blooms from bottom to top, and when all the blossoms have opened, it resembles a pleated fabric ball.

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