Thursday, October 18, 2007

China Stamp: 2007-30

China Stamp
Name: Chinese Calligraphy--Kai Shu (Standard Style)
Number: 2007-30T
Issue date: 2007 November 5th

Minisheet of this set

The regular script or standard script, or in Chinese kaishu (Simplified Chinese: 楷书; Traditional Chinese: 楷書; pinyin: kǎishū) and Japanese kaisho, also commonly known as standard regular (正楷), is the newest of the Chinese calligraphy styles (maturing around the 7th century), hence most common in modern writings and publications (after the non-calligraphic printing Song Ti). It is also occasionally known as true script (真書 zhēnshū) and standard script (正書 zhèngshū).

Regular script came its current form in the 5th century during the Southern and Northern Dynasties. Script from this period is the "Wei regular" (魏楷 Weikai). Some consider the regular script to be the direct derivative of clerical script, while others believe running script also has influence in some regular script calligraphers' styles as well. More...

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