Monday, October 8, 2007

Japan Post Corporation FDCs

Japan FDCs
Name: Establishment of Japan Post Corporation

Issue date: 2007 October 1st

In 1st Oct, 2007, the Japan Post public corporation was divided into four private entities — Japan Post Service Co., Japan Post Network Co., Japan Post Bank Co. and Japan Post Insurance Co. — under holding company Japan Post Holdings Co.

Japan Post Service manages the mail delivery services and Japan Post Network controls the post offices and their real estate.

At first, the government will own all of the shares of Japan Post Holdings, with the holding company owning 100 percent of each of the four companies. This means the four will still be funded by the government at first.

As early as fiscal 2010, however, Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance are expected to go public. By October 2017, all shares of the two companies will be traded on the market, while the government reduces its stake in the holding company to about 33 percent.

The two remaining firms — Japan Post Service and Japan Post Network — will not be listed because of their public nature.

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