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Russia Weapon FDC

Russia FDC
Name: To the 65th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War - Victory Weapon
Date of Issue: 27 April 2009

Tokarev's self-loading rifle (SRТ-40), Simonov's automatic rifle (АRS-36)
Tokarev's self-loading rifle (SRТ-40). Rifle of 1938 year sample was modernized after the Soviet-Finnish war, what considerably simplified its manufacture. Its sniper variant on basis of SVТ-40 was developed for the purpose of unification of whole complex of small arms. During the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 SVТ became the important part of the Soviet shooting arms.

Simonov's automatic rifle (АRS-36). Initially АVS-36 reflected as self-loading rifle, but in course of development mode of automatic fire was added. It was the first serial automatic rifle in the USSR; it was used by Red Army men in the first months of the Great Patriotic War.

8.00: Nagan's revolver of 1895 year sample, Tokarev's pistol of 1933 year sample (TT-33)
Nagan's revolver of 1895 year sample. In the Soviet Army Nagan's revolver of 1895 year sample was applied basically for shooting on short distances (to 100). Revolver possessed excellent ballistic properties and was adopted with officer and sergeant's structure, generally in infantry and artillery units.

Tokarev's pistol of 1933 year sample (TT-33). In days of the Great Patriotic War the Red Army was armed with updating of Tokarev's pistol of 1933 year sample. Differing with design simplicity, high penetrative ability of bullet and sufficient accuracy, TT received wide circulation at the front, being adopted with officers and generals of almost every combat arm.

9.00: Sudaev's pistol-machine gun (PGS-43), Shpagin's pistol-machine gun (PGSh-41)
Sudaev's pistol-machine gun (PGS-43). Sudaev's pistol-machine gun of 1943 year sample was developed originally for needs of Leningrad front in beleaguered Leningrad. Simplicity of design, compactness, ease and reliability of pistol-machine gun allowed it to be considered by right as one of the best types of weapon of the Second World War.

Shpagin's pistol-machine gun (PGSh-41) . PPSh was created as replacement for Degtyaryov's pistol-machine gun when there was a necessity for the sample, close or surpassing it with tactical and technical characteristics, however simple in manufacture even at not profile enterprises. PPSh has been adopted in 1941, forestalling in competition Shpitalniy's pistol-machine gun.

10.00: Degtyaryov's manual machinegun (DM), Goryunov's easel machinegun (EG-43)
Degtyaryov's manual machinegun (DM). Degtyaryov's machinegun, one of the first samples of small arms, created in the USSR, was adopted in 1927. Model differed with simplicity of device, action reliability, shooting accuracy and high manoeuvrability. Before the termination of Second World War, DM was successfully used for fire support of infantry in platoon unit of Red Army.

Goryunov's easel machinegun (EG-43). In 1943 the Red Army adopted the simple, reliable and rather light easel machinegun, played a positive part in offensive operations in 1943-45. EG-43 was the first domestic infantry machinegun of calibre 7,62 with a metal cartridge belt.

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