Saturday, May 23, 2009

China Stamp: 2009-9

China Stamps
Name: Fenghuang Ancient City
Number: 2009-9
Date of Issue: 23 May 2009
Value: 3 stamps/set

1.20元 (3-1):
North Gate
1.20元 (3-2): Rainbow Bridge
1.20元 (3-3): Old Street

Fenghuang City is located in the southwest of Hunan Province. It borders Luxi County in the east, Mayang County in the South, Songtao County of Tongren city in Guizhou province in the west and Jishou City and Huayuan County in the north, serving as the strategic gateway connecting Hunan and Guizhou provinces. In the 5th year of Xianqing under the reign of Emperor Gaozong in the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 660), Tian Zongxian the prefecture governor of Qianzhou sent his grandson Tian Yangming on a punitive expedition eastward to suppress the local ethnic groups. Tian Yangming initiated the Xidong (Xi Cave) Five Stockade Villages System ("Wuzhai") here and Tian Kechang, Tian Yangming's son was appointed by the imperial government as "Five-Cave Prefect" (called Wuzhai Prefect later) in Tuojiang Town where the ancient town now lies. More…


hedley said...

Greetings Fan Ming
The 12 stamp sheetlet is spectacular ! do they have it at the Shanghai Philatelic Corporation ?

angelus86 said...

Wow, they're so wonderful! Is there a FDC with all three stamps put on it?! I'd like to receive it!
If you're interested in an exchange, please write me.

Fan Ming said...

Hi angelus86,
there are 3 official FDCs, 1 stamp for each FDC. no complete set FDC.

Hi hedley,
You can't find it at the SPC. it's only for whole year subscriber who order more than 4 sets stamp.

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