Monday, May 11, 2009

Algeria Elections FDC

Algeria FDC
Name: Presidential Elections
Date of Issue: 09 April 2009

Algeria provides, once again, the proof of the establishment of a democratic era of prosperity and peace. After the consolidation of the institutional building and the rehabilitation of the role of elected bodies in the national development process, here come a new phase that stake this presidential election symbol of both continuity and sustainability of the State and the Republic and the principle of alternation in power through the expression of popular will.

This election is also the result of the achievements of its predecessors, which could establish a credible way, guarantees fairness and transparency, and freedom of expression and participation of all the sensitivities represented in the society. This has allowed, yet this time, applications in number and quality that reflect a wide partisan adherence to the conditions of preparation and conduct of this election.

The election campaign lasted 19 days, during which six candidates were able to present their programs and highlighted differences in their respective approaches, leaving the popular will and to speak only by way of ballot boxes, the track and the voice of the majority decides, irrevocably and sovereign, which will be for five successive years, the President of the nation from 1 November 1954.

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