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Hong Kong Mainland Scenery FDC

Hong Kong FDC
Name: Mainland Scenery Series No. 8: Mount Tianshan, Xinjiang
Date of Issue: 24 February 2009

China boasts a rich variety of natural wonders and spectacular scenery throughout its vast territory. Hongkong Post issues Mainland Scenery Series No. 8 to showcase the grandeur of Mount Tianshan, Xinjiang, with its majestic mountains and dazzling icescape.

Spanning 2,500 kilometres, Mount Tianshan runs through central Xinjiang. One of the most extensive mountain belts in central Asia, Mount Tianshan includes three ranges, from north to south: North Tianshan, Central Tianshan and South Tianshan. Its summit is Tuomur Peak.

Mount Tianshan is also the largest contemporary glacier region in China, enjoying its reputation as the "Glacier Kingdom". Among glaciers of different scales, Glacier No. 1, dubbed the "living glacier fossil", stands out for its magnificent ice waterfall that glitters in blue under the sun.

Bogeda Peak is the pinnacle of the eastern section of Mount Tianshan. On the north slope of the towering Bogeda lies the crescent-shaped Lake Tianchi – a famous tourist attraction. Named "Lake Yaochi" in the past, the sapphire lake is a feature of ancient glacier erosion. At an elevation of more than 1,900 metres above sea level, it collects melted snow from surrounding peaks. The lake, with its gleaming and translucent waters, is known for its unique grace.

With distinct and strong seasonal changes, Gongnaisi Forestry Farm in central Mount Tianshan offers kaleidoscopic scenery. There you can feast your eyes on forests of lofty Schrenk's Spruce against a backdrop of rolling mountains.

The stamp sheetlet highlights in icy blue and snowy white the breathtaking vistas of Mount Tianshan. The upper part presents the gorgeous mountain range. The snapshot on the lower right reveals the silvery world of the snow-clad Gongnaisi Forestry Farm. The stamp gives a glimpse of the pristine and serene Lake Tianchi.

Mainland Scenery Series:
No. 7: Huanglong
No. 8: Mount Tianshan, Xinjiang

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