Tuesday, February 24, 2009

China Stamp: 2009-5

China Stamps
Name: Power Grid Construction
Number: 2009-5
Date of Issue: 24 February 2009
Value: 3 stamps/set

1.20元 (3-1):
Science and Technology Rejuvenate Power
1.20元 (3-2): Strong Power Grid
1.20元 (3-3): Power for All

Sate Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) carries the fundamental responsibility of supplying safe and reliable power for economic and social development. The first 1000kV UHV AC Transmission Project in China, the Jindongnan - Nanyang - Jinmen UHV AC Demonstration Project, officially entered operation. The Project was domestically designed and constructed. Its successful operation signifies that China's power grid development has entered into a new era with UHV technology as its outstanding feature. In recent years, the "Power for All Project" in remote rural areas has significantly improved the living standard for people without access to electricity in the past. China's power grid has become and advanced and stable interconnected network that is of the highest voltage level and the largest scale in the world. It has made great contribution for China's economic growth and social development.

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