Thursday, February 12, 2009

China Stamp: 2009-4

China Stamps
Name: The 24th Winter Universiade, Harbin
Number: 2009-4
Date of Issue: 18 February 2009
Value: 2 stamps/set

The 24th Winter Universiade was held from February 18 through 28, 2009, in Harbin, capital of northeast China's Helongjiang Province. It was the first time for China to host such a comprehensive international winter games. This games set records in both the number of participants and the number of events, with more than 4,000 athletes, coaches and referees from 50-plus countries and regions competing for 82 events in 12 sports. Ice events were held in Harbin, and snow events took place at Yabuli and Maoershan Ski Resorts. China dispatched a delegation with the largest number of participants in its history in the Winter Universiade.

1.20元 (2-1):
The logo is originated from the letter "U". The dynamic lines symbolize the moving tracks of players. Appearing like a flag fluttering with the wind, the logo manifests the passion of youth, and embodies the interaction and harmony between people and sports, also between people and nature. It presents a picture of university athletes from all over the world, guided by the Olympic spirit of "Citius, Altius, Fortius", jointly playing the theme song of 2009 Winter Universiade:"Youth, Future, Ice and Snow".

1.20元 (2-2): Mascot
The mascot, named "Dong Dong", with snow as the creative element, white and blue as the main colors, by adopting the personified mode of creation, highlights the characteristics of the host city and winter sports. With angelical smile on his face, "Dong Dong" appears pure, optimistic, warm-hearted and lovely. In the orange scarf presenting his vigor, "Dong Dong" is sincerely and warmly welcoming friends from all over the world.

Official Website of the 24th Winter Universiade

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