Friday, December 18, 2009

Thailand Medical FDC

Thailand FDC
Name: 110 Years Medical Department, RTA
Date of Issue: 25 November 2009
Number: 888

Purpose: To commemorate 110th anniversary of establishment of Medical Department, Royal Thai Army, as well as to disseminate its missions to the public.

Designs: Mor-Oum is performing the missions of Medical Department, RTA.
3 บาท BAHT: Medical Department, RTA., in 1900 and Mission "To Conserve the Fighting Strength"
3 บาท BAHT: Mor-Oum and Aero Medical Evacuation
3 บาท BAHT: Mor-Oum and Field Surgery
3 บาท BAHT: Mor-Oum and Medical Department, RTA., in 2010

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