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Taiwan Greetings FDCs

Taiwan FDCs
Name: Personal Greeting Stamps - Happy Times
Date of Issue: 12 November 2009
Number: Def. 131

To provide more design options, Chunghwa Post is issuing “Happy Times,” a new set of ten personal greeting stamps. All ten stamps have denominations of NT$3.50 and NT$5.00, distinguished by different background colors. Customers now have a chance to create a brand new set of personal greeting stamps using their prettiest or most memorable photos. The designs of the stamps follow:

1. Pearl (cherished love): Precious pearls are often used to express a love that is cherished above all. Giving pearls is a display of how much one values the recipient.

2. Present (surprise): Presents wrapped with a ribbon that is tied in a bow suggest that they are full of surprises and bring joy.

3. Bouquet (love): Beautiful flowers are the ideal choice for expressing affection to family members, as well as romantic love and friendship.

4. Candy (sweetness): A lollipop and some candies wrapped in colorful cellophane paper make one feel sweet, thus adding to the joy of happy times.

5. Balloon (joy): During celebrations and other happy occasions, colorful balloons floating in the air impart a joyous atmosphere.

6. Champagne (celebration): During romantic moments or celebrations, the clinking flutes that are filled with champagne can help to mark the occasion, freezing a beautiful moment in time.

7. Heart (warmth): Hearts represent mutual support and caring between family members, friends and lovers. This stamp features a big heart made of many smaller hearts to convey the warmest side of anyone’s heart.

8. Cake (bliss): A cake decorated with chocolate and a strawberry offers a taste of happiness and sweetness. It’s a desert that can’t be passed up during happy times.

9. Sparkler (celebration): By lighting up sparklers or setting off fireworks in the night sky, the flickering light brings the festivities to a high point.

10. Clover (luck): It is said that four-leaf clovers bring good luck, but their rarity makes them especially precious. Let flying four-leave clovers on stamps spread good luck and best wishes.

Comment: This is the first time my daughter's photos appear on the real posted FDC. Thanks to my Taiwanese friend.

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