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India School FDC

India FDC
Name: Sacred Heart Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai
Date of Issue: 09 September 2009

The progress of any nation mainly depends upon the quality of education that it imparts to its citizens. Education is the key to development and all-round prosperity.

An Irish lady named Nano Nagle from Cork, Ireland, had founded "The Congregation of Presentation Sisters" in the year 1775. She firmly believed that education was the only powerful tool which can transform society, and began her mission among the poor and underprivileged people in Ireland. From these humble beginnings the Congregation of Presentation Sisters traveled to many countries all over the world including India.

They came to Chennai (Madras) in 1842 to work for the Anglo-Indian community living in the area of Georgetown, then referred to as "Black Town" and began working in St. Ursula's Anglo-Indian School which was already in existence there.

The present Church Park land was acquired by them in the year 1904, and the foundation stone was laid in 1908 for Sacred Heart High School, Church Park. It was started as a middle school with 137 students and grew to become a private matriculation school in 1954.

The Presentation Sisters wanted to reach out to the downtrodden and marginalized society and thus Sacred Heart Tamil Medium School was born to cater to the underprivileged section of the society.

The educational philosophy of the school is to enable its students to become aware of the dignity and value of every individual and the independence of the human race. With a strong academic foundation and an equal emphasis on community development, the students of Sacred Heart are given every opportunity to learn and excel in sports and various extra-curricular activities in its sprawling complex in the heart of the city.

Above all, Sacred Heart provides its students with high ethical standards. The motto of the school is "For faith and morals". The aim of the school is to bring out the best in the students, helping them imbibe a sense of dignity and purpose in life. The signature song of the school is "Stand brave, stand true under the green and gold" (colours of the school standard).

The school owes its success to the dedication of the Presentation Sisters and the gifted teachers, who foster critical thinking in their students, promote human values and educated them for social changes.

The alumni of the institution have brought glory to their Alma Mater by achieving excellence, fame and making significant contribution worldwide as educationists, social workers, civil servants, lawyers, doctors, scientists, media persons and in fine arts.

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