Wednesday, October 7, 2009

China Stamps: 2009-26

China Stamps
Name: Military Parade on the National Day for the 60th Anniversary of the PRC (中华人民共和国成立60周年首都阅兵)
Number: 2009-26
Date of Issue: 01 October 2009
Value: 4 stamps/set

1.20元 (4-1):
Military Phalanx (徒步方队)
October 1, 2009 marks the 60th birthday of the People's Republic of China. To celebrate this national holiday, people from all walks of life based in Beijing gathered at Tiananmen Square for a grand celebration and military parade. The bright-red flag of Chinese People's Liberation Army, escorted by the awesome PLA guard of honor, flaunted against wind, leading the generals and soldiers of the three armed services in a military review by the Party and the people. In powerful steps and a uniform manner, the valiant troops exhibited up-to-date weapons and military supplies, first-class training achievements, and an enterprising spirit, staging a fantastic and distinctive militray parade to the entire nation and the world.

1.20元 (4-2): Land Force and Second Artillery Corps Formation (陆军和二炮装备方队)
In an imposing bearing with the character of the times, formations of tanks, armored cars, self-propelled artilleries, infantry fighting vehicles, and various missiles converged into a great flow of iron and steel, making its way majestically through the broad Chang'an Avenue. The remarkably advanced arms represent the major achievements China made in the construction of a system of armed forces with Chinese characteristics. The weapons and vehicles collectively form a three-dimensional defense net that involves land, marine and air forces and much resembles a formidable Great Wall of Iron and Steel.

1.20元 (4-3): Naval Equipment Formation (海军装备方队)
Riding the waves of triumph, the formidable naval equipment formation comes from the dust of history, bearing witness to the endeavors and achievements made by the People's Navy over the past 60 years in building itself more revolutionary, standardized, and modernized. As a high-tech armed force, the People's navy has constantly reinforced the construction of a high-quality talent team, developed a variety of effective weapons, and established a three-dimensional defense network on the sea, thus demonstrating the rapid development of Chinese science and technology and the constant improvement of China's capability of safeguarding its territorial waters, particularly after the nation introduced reform and opening-up policies. The naval force has formed a maritime Great Wall, which permanently defends the coastal areas and territorial seas of the People's Republic.

1.20元 (4-4): Air Force Formation (空中梯队)
From south and north, from all directions, soldiers of the air forces arrived to meet in the national capital. The fleet of a joint formation of air forces hovered above Tiananmen Square, producing thunderous roars. Alongside the booming tanks marching on the ground, they composed a three-dimensional military array, unfolding a picture of the modernized people's army. In varying forms, different air formations showed off their respective power and charm in the sky. Over the past six decades, these guardians have loyally defended the airspace of our motherland to ensure that all the Chinese people are bathed in sunlight.

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