Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Italy Constitution FDC

Italy FDC
Name: The 60th Anniversary of the Italian Constitution
Issue date: 2008 January 2nd

The Constitution of Italy (Italian: Costituzione della Repubblica Italiana) is the supreme law of Italy. It was approved by the Constituent Assembly (Assemblea Costituente) on 22 December 1947; with 453 votes for, 62 votes against, and 3 votes canceled. The Constituent Assembly was elected with the universal suffrage on 2 June 1946; at the same time, italian people voted to switch the form of the state from Monarchy to Republic; This is the Birth of the Italian Republic.

The 1948 Constitution established a bicameral parliament, with a lower and an upper chamber (respectively Chamber of Deputies and Senate), a separate judiciary branch, and an executive branch composed of a Council of Ministers (cabinet), headed by the president of the council (prime minister). The government depends on confidence from each branch of the parliament, and has in turn the power to make decrees. Decrees have to be confirmed in the parliament, and "decree jam" has been a problem in recent years, as governments try to reform the structure of the state using chiefly decrees instead of passing laws directly through the parliament.

This FDC was sent from "Roma Camera Deputati" Post Office which is in the Italy Chamber of Deputies (La Camera dei Deputati). You can compare the address on the Italy Post Office website to the address on the Wikimapia.org.

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