Friday, June 1, 2007

Taiwan The Language of Flowers FDC

Taiwan FDC
Name: The Language of Flowers
Issue date: 2007 May 28th

The designs of the stamps follow:
1. Dahlia: gratitude. Dahlia blooms represent glamour, gratitude and are sincerely offered best wishes.
2. Iris: trust. In Greek and Roman mythology, the iris represents guidance and trust.
3. Clematis: elegance. Clematis blossoms are pure and elegant.
4. Tung Blossom: joy. When it is windy, falling tung blossoms slowly twirl in the wind, creating a colorful, joyous atmosphere.
5. Rose: true love. Roses best express romantic love.
6. Sunflower: adoration, from Greek and Roman mythology.
7. Bird-of-Paradise: happiness. Locals of Cape Hope in South Africa believe that when the bird of paradise flower blooms, beautiful birds will come from far away and bring freedom, bliss and happiness.
8. East Indian Lotus: purity. Lotus blossoms are upright, unsullied, and beautiful—the very antithesis of gaudy.
9. English Daisy: vitality, vigorous flowers.
10. Balloon Flower: chastity. The flower buds appear to be proudly chaste.

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